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If a table in MAP exists, then MAP should know this and not require the CREATE button to be pressed


dsw.dbo.ttTarget contains three fields relating to target build status - TargetBuiltOn, TargetBuilt, and TargetBuiltBy


If the target already exists, it does not need to be rebuilt (on the Map/Targets Page).


If the target has the incorrect structure, the table could be recreated, or the Synchronize target buttons are available.


The Map/Targets page works fine in this regard.


One is unable to build the Source tables if TargetBuiltOn is Null.


The following change is proposed.


Add the following (or similar) to the onvalidate Routine of the ttTarget Page.

USE [cMap]




CREATE VIEW [dbo].[trTarget_BuildFields_UpdSel]


SELECT     dbo.ttTarget.TargetBuiltOn, dbo.ttTarget.TargetBuilt, dbo.ttTarget.TargetBuiltBy, DSW.dbo.List_Table.NAME, GETDATE() AS TargetBuildOnNew, 1 AS TargetBuiltNew,

                      'ExistedAlready' AS TargetBuildBy

FROM         dbo.ttTarget INNER JOIN

                      Console.dbo.apiConsoleWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetSourceALL_ExtendedSel ON

                      dbo.ttTarget.WaveProcessAreaObjectTargetID = Console.dbo.apiConsoleWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetSourceALL_ExtendedSel.WaveProcessAreaObjectTargetID INNER


                      DSW.dbo.List_Table ON Console.dbo.apiConsoleWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetSourceALL_ExtendedSel.Target = DSW.dbo.List_Table.NAME AND

                      Console.dbo.apiConsoleWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetSourceALL_ExtendedSel.DataSourceID = DSW.dbo.List_Table.datasourceid

WHERE     (dbo.ttTarget.TargetBuiltOn IS NULL) AND (dbo.ttTarget.TargetBuilt = 0 OR

                      dbo.ttTarget.TargetBuilt IS NULL) AND (dbo.ttTarget.TargetBuiltBy IS NULL)





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  • Feb 1 2017
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