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Feature Request: Transform - When Reviewing View Definitions It Would Be Helpful To Drill Down To Subordinate Views With Hyperlinks In The From Clause


When viewing the code of a rule or report it would be great if one could browse into nested objects via hyperlinks in the from clause.


I think there is value to all lines of business, but in particular on audits we need review the code of each report quick to make sure its using objects and columns that we have populated on any given audit. basically every report needs to be quickly inspected. I do this in transform instead of SSMS because it is more orderly and in context. If the report checks out I can quickly mark it as a candidate and move to the next one. If the report fails to be applicable I can quickly inactivate it. with the current functionality I most switch to SSMS in cases where I have subordinate views. Time to review goes from well under a minute to several minutes.


I intend to relate this feature request to two others. I will cross link here when I create the requests.:


1. Feature Request: Transform - Candidate Flag On Transform Report Horizontal and Vertical Views

2. Feature Request: Transform - In Line Edit Capability of View Definition



  • Jeremiah Gilmore
  • Feb 1 2017
  • Future consideration
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