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Feature Request: Transform - Location Of Untranslated Field Name Display On Hover Not As Useful As In DSW


When hovering over a column name the true untranslated column name is displayed in the lower left corner of the site menu pane. While this is acceptable I recommend we also include the previous behavior from DSW. In DSW we would show the untranslated value right at the mouse cursor on hover.


There are to major benefits of this location:

1. Ones eyes are already at the cursor location, with current functionality we need to look away from the top of the screen and find the info we need in the bottom corner and then like repeat on the next field. This is inefficient.

2. When the menu bar is unpinned one will not be able to see the value displayed in the current location. I expect most of us work with the menu unpinned because once you are in an app its a waste of screen real estate.


To be clear I have no problem keeping the existing functionality. I just think it needs to be in addition to the old functionality.




  • Jeremiah Gilmore
  • Feb 1 2017
  • Future consideration
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