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Object Runbook

I would love to see this included in ADMM similar to what they did with the validation script. Another thing driving the business/project users to our tool. The other benefit to this is a majority of the content can be pulled straight from ADMM.

Runbook templates

  1. Possible Format

    1. [Object Name] Runbook

    2. Doc history

      1. Version

      2. Date

      3. Summary of changes

      4. Section

      5. Page

      6. Author - Pull from ADMM Stakeholders (Developer)

    3. Doc Info

      1. Work Stream - Pull from ADMM Dataset Design

      2. Project Phase - Pull from ADMM Dataset Design

      3. Object Name - Pull from ADMM Dataset Design

      4. Business Owner - Pull from ADMM Stakeholders

      5. Conversion Owner - Pull from ADMM Stakeholders (Developer)

    4. Object Definition for [Object Name]

      1. Object Description - 1-2 sentences describing what the object does.

      2. Project: Workstream + Object Name - Pull from ADMM Mapping

      3. ETL Jobs - Pull from ADMM Mappings

      4. Workflows (if necessary)

      5. Transaction Codes (if SAP, otherwise how to access target system) - Pull from ADMM Dataset Design

      6. Object Dependencies

      7. Objects that depend on this object

    5. Source System Information

      1. Source System Tables - Pull from ADMM Mappings

    6. Target System Information

      1. Target System tables - Pull from ADMM Dataset Design

    7. Detailed Steps for Processing Conversion Object

      1. Preload process (Example)

        1. Run Dataset Transform(s)

        2. Run Report Transform(s)

      2. Conversion Loading of Data (Example)

        1. Run Export Transform(s)

        2. Go to LSMW

          1. Project

          2. Subproject

          3. Object

        3. Read Data

        4. Convert Data

        5. Start IDoc Creation

        6. Process IDoc's

      3. Postload process (Example)

        1. Run Readbacks

        2. Run Postload Transform(s)

    8. Object Contacts - Pull from ADMM Stakeholders

  • Sean Carmody
  • Apr 17 2024
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