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Remove Client Number from Value Mapping Description

At Exxon, Value Mapping is displaying the client number concatenated with the Target Value. Preference would be to only display the Target Value

  • Eric Weldon
  • Aug 15 2023
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    John Munkberg commented
    18 Oct, 2023 02:56pm

    Agree this is a problem - and will open a ticket to address this. Note that you CAN change the Import Query on the check table to pull whatever data and format you desire for a given check table. Update the query in Administer / Advanced / Value Mapping Config / Check Table / Details View.

  • Simon Ingham commented
    21 Aug, 2023 08:39pm

    Hi Everyone,

    In the past versions of value map, we would see the target value concatenated with the value description. That is really what we are looking for here. Have other clients requested the same?

    for example, say we are looking to assign the target company code of 0174. Currently it displays as '100:1074'. We would like to see '1074 - ExxonCompanyCodeDescription'

  • Guest commented
    21 Aug, 2023 08:36pm

    In addition to Removing the client number, we would also need to see the Description associated with the to-be value.