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Improve navigation, breadcrumbs, back arrows & resulting displays

I'm working with the Deloitte team for METSO.

They all struggle in general to navigate around the migrate screens, as they're still learning, but I get a lot of feedback about QOL improvements. Here's just one of them, but there are many.

If i am in migrate>ETL, and I decide to run my index10 task, when i approve the pop-up, I get taken to the job-queue steps area of the screen, I am migrated away from the tasks screen I was on. I don't get a choice.

When I press the back arrow browser functionality, I go back to mapping.

When I use the breadcrumb, I got back to the object target list. I was at one of my sources, and now I've gone a level up. If I went to etl from my source working tables (i.e. I'm developing/testing mapping rules!), why do I even want to go to the target? I might have a whole other source to map yet...

It just doesn't "flow" - why do I need to be navigated off the "tasks" screen and taken to a "Jobqueue Steps" screen in the first place? We didn't automatically go to the log of the table under transform in ADM and see that rule zWhatever was being updated (unless we were actually tracing) so why do we need to see it now?

And yes, I'm aware that we can just click on the "tasks" tab again within the screen, but (as per my other ticket #29) the color palette is non-existent, so it's not actually a "tab", it's a word on a white background, that just so happens to have a floating blue bar on it when selected. If "Tasks" and "Jobqueue Steps" had defined visible "buttons" around them, this would be much more intuitive. In general, people don't know things could be selectable, etc - as they don't have anything about the screen area that highlights it might be possible to "click here".

It's just button pressing excess. The typical Deloitte user right now runs their etl task, then goes all the way back to the top menu, clicks on MIGRATE >>mapping dropdown & selects the etl icon for the working table again so that they can process the next rule. That's an example of how unintuitive the layout can be to an inexperienced user.

It's not just ETL, it's everywhere. Honestly, they don't use breadcrumbs much, they're not all that valuable, as they typically don't take them where they'd want to go.

If they (breadcrumbs) didn't exist, and the back arrow actually took "me" back to my previous screen, I'd be much happier.

[I get it's not just as simple as that, updates, etc], but while we've done a reasonably good job of being able to navigate anywhere in just a few clicks, navigating back isn't half as clear, and it genuinely is easier for the novice user to start at the root of the tree each time.

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  • Apr 26 2023
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