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Compliance Reports

After mock loads it is often a requirement of the Auditors to collect and store all the artifacts from a Mock Load.

This is normally done by having Consultants export and saves Reports, Validation Scripts, Object Handbooks, Recon and technical reports into a central Sharepoint site.

Rarely is this data used. It exists "in case" they need to audit something or prove what happened.

Goal here is to make this very easy to do by a Project Manager or lead such that all the results of a Load can be easily exported and saved as an external ARCHIVE to support the audit and compliance needs.

Ideally this would be a very compacted zip file of the raw data in reports and files. While it should be accessible, the goal isn't to make it a replacement for just using the in-line reports. It is definitely not intended to replace reporting in ADMM. Much more of a ARCHIVE format - executed in a very simple way in a compact format that can be stored locally.

  • John Munkberg
  • Feb 23 2023
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