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DS Integration

Leverage the SAP DS APIs to import XML and maybe execute jobs from the Migrate UI. Mostly trying to avoid having to SAVE XML, IMPORT XML over and over.

Would need to be careful in that Importing XML is a destructive event - it overwrites anything that already exists. So this must be done carefully and support loading the specific XML components in addition to the full XML Load File.

Or - explore other options available to make the integration more seamless between Migrate and DS such as

Execute a Transform Jobs from Migrate

Execute a Snapshot refresh from Migrate

Track the execution status

  • John Munkberg
  • Feb 23 2023
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  • John Danos commented
    3 Mar 06:15pm

    Agree with this for execution, when we integrate DS in, we should be able to run pretty much in line with what we have registered. Monitoring for completion will be critical if we have DS jobs as part of a larger sequence of rules.

  • Ana GARCIA RUBIO commented
    24 Feb 01:28pm

    In particular, trigger DS extracts from Snapshot could be explored?