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'ReadOnly' security group mode mandatory existance for all existing and new WebApps

In some projects, the client or a third-party that will take over the ADM/SKP/DSP process after Go-Live, require an early access to all ADM/SKP/DSP as ReadOnly mode to observe and learn how things work or are configured in ADM, including all menus and pages in the Admin area.

Although I'm not personally fond of this idea, it is not new for Syniti managers/DPs to agree to this, which forces consultants to try to implement this using workarounds that don't always work fully well, i.e. pages that are ReadOnly mode (even if using DSP Add-On) but still have dangerous buttons enabled, like in

I propose that all WebApps should at least have one ReadOnly mode come as standard to avoid issues and satisfy this requirement.

  • Ruben Jardim
  • Nov 17 2021
  • Needs review
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