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Adjustable Colors for Pie and Doughnut Chart Pages

Unfortunately there is no way to adjust the Colors of Pie and Doughnut Chart Pages within ISA wich is possible for other Chart Types. The main problem is, that if you have for example 3 Pie charts next to each other on one Dashboard Page with the same categories (Failed Data and Flawless Data) the colors are randomly picked. On one Pie Chart the color for category Failed Data is dark blue meanwhile on another Pie chart the Color for Failed Data is bright blue.

The ability to change those colors for categories would make a lot of sense to me. The customer would also like to keep the pie charts in their company colors in terms of corporate design.

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  • Niklas Zeidler
  • Mar 24 2018
  • Future consideration
  • Mar 26, 2018

    Admin response

    Thanks for the idea, we will look to include this into the additional charting we are looking to offer post 7.0 release when the new UI will be delivered.

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  • Guest commented
    11 Apr, 2018 08:32am

    Is it possible to change the order of colors displayed in a pie chart easily? Or is this information staticly entered in the web application?