Allow 'Process Rules' and Workflow to Complete when User loses Email Address


This request is being opened on behalf of Jonas Arheit (  SAP Incident 32407.


Day 1:

An existing user (UserA) is assigned to a distribution.  The UserA has an email address.

Day 2:

Everything is fine.  Process rules is working automated nightly.

Day 3:

Somebody deletes the email address from the UserA.

Problem:  Process rules is no longer working because of the deleted email address (the automated process rules fail).

Additionally:  Nobody receives ISA e-mails.  The ISA environment stands still and nobody knows the reason or is informed.


Can the ISA be changed to:

  1. Ignore Users with missing email address during the 'Process Rules'.
  2. Check for missing email addresses as part of a validation check for 'Process Rules'


Thank you for considering this request.




FYI, this is a query I use to identify missing email addresses when troubleshooting:

--Find Distributions with no Email entered for Active Users assigned

USE dspMonitor_AccPak

SELECT dbo.ttProjectDistributionUser.ProjectDistributionID, dbo.ttProjectDistribution.Distribution, dbo.ttProjectDistributionUser.UserID, dbo.ttProjectDistributionUser.Active,

                  ISNULL(CranSoft.dbo.[User].EMailAddress, '') AS EMailAddress

FROM     dbo.ttProjectDistributionUser INNER JOIN

                  dbo.ttProjectDistribution ON dbo.ttProjectDistributionUser.ProjectDistributionID = dbo.ttProjectDistribution.ProjectDistributionID INNER JOIN

                  CranSoft.dbo.[User] ON dbo.ttProjectDistributionUser.UserID = CranSoft.dbo.[User].UserID

WHERE  (dbo.ttProjectDistributionUser.Active = 1) AND (ISNULL(CranSoft.dbo.[User].EMailAddress, '') = '')

  • Ben Bauer
  • Jan 31 2017
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