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Tenant ID Visible to End Users

Many CS provisioning requests and support troubleshooting steps require knowledge of which tenant a user is logged in to. Enabling the end user to determine and provide their own tenant ID, perhaps via Administration, would expedite this process for both internal and external parties.

  • Michelle Boehm
  • Dec 14 2020
  • Shipped
  • Dec 21, 2020

    Admin response

    Thanks for registering the idea, we will discuss with the design and engineering teams to decide where the best location to display the tenant id and whether there are any security, etc related issues that would prevent this from putting in place. We assume it should be fine and we will add into the UI backlog.

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  • Admin
    Jon Green commented
    25 Aug, 2021 12:26pm

    Shipped and available via the user menu in the top right hand corner. Displays the tenant name at the bottom of the menu and clicking on the name copies the actual tenant id to the clipboard.