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Smarter searching for consumers of Terms

With 'term' encompassing many facets of our data structures, we are concerned about our users who are primarily using Syniti to read the definition of a metric they see on a report or who are looking for which report/output contains a given metric. We suggest a few ways to optimize their use of Syniti:

  • Label the type of 'term' in the search results, ideally with an icon or easily distinguishable tag in the card for the term, so a user can tell at a glance if their result is a building block of a larger term, a report/output type, a data model, etc.

  • Enable configurable 'weights' for different search results based on a characteristic of a user or group, for example, based on a role we define or a flag we check

    • This would allow us to limit the more technical results for our operational users

  • Ensure that the configurability of the home workspace for an operational user extends to their consumption of the terms they care about most. Perhaps a dashboard widget of the status of their recently-viewed terms (not just showing assignment, as these users may be sponsors of a metric without being assigned); the ability to mark themselves as 'following' a certain output/report/metric, the ability to easily search for their weighted/tuned term types by initiative, ownership group, etc.

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  • May 4 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Jun 4, 2020

    Admin response

    Thank you for registering the idea. Let me respond to each of the points you have made.

    • We are working on the backend knowledge graph to record additional information regarding the relationship between all asset types and as such, once this work is completed, we can investigate what options we would have to provide this additional level of information in the search results.

    • Currently the filtering is possible by Asset Type and then by Category / Category Value. Would the user of categorizing the Terms with a technical weight or similar be a way to achieve this same concept? Currently we aren't planning on changing the weighting on specific asset types etc in the search capability. We can discuss further the user case to see if there are other options or approaches

    • We are looking to replace the existing landing pages with alternatives in the near future and with the addition of the Viewer user we are investigating the option of showing the last x search in the landing page to allow the user to pick up where they left off. In the future we want to also add the concept of a 'Watcher' role to all asset types, which would allow all users to indicate assets they are interested in and want to watch for changes / updates etc. Once this is in place then the concept of following certain assets and their related assets will become possible for the Viewer / wider business user.

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