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Search term should allow Wildcards

Client wanted to find all assets that included "meins" SKP search using meins returned 0 records. Search using MARA.meins returned 11 records. Client expected to be able to find the 11 records by searching with a wildcard (* or %) so that they could easily find all the relevant records to make an informed decision.

Update: The search was from the homepage. The User tried miens, *miens, .meins and %meins as searches execting to find rules and possibly terms that included the sequence of characters in the asset name, description, additional information or implication fields. The system returned results when the search characters were found as a full word (a series of sequential, non-space characters preceded and followed by a space character) in one of the searchable fields. Somehow searching for account pulls up hundreds of results that include the DataSet "Vendor: Payment Transaction Accounting" but Searching for Cust only brings up one result: the term Customer Account Group. That term does not seem to include the use of cust as a stand-alone word.

  • Chris Bermingham
  • May 1 2020
  • Shipped
  • Jul 12, 2022

    Admin response

    Search in both the main SKP search (top bar) and within the System, Dataset (Add Fields) and Term (Add Fields) has been improved to allow for partial matching results to be returned, we believe this resolves the issue identified in this raised idea. The full search improvements are being deployed incrementally but this partial search capability is in production.

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  • Admin
    Jon Green commented
    2 Mar, 2022 02:05pm

    We will be adding this to the requirements for the new Search implementation we are bringing to the SKT

  • Pedro Cardoso commented
    9 May, 2020 04:04am

    This was excellent to capture. I too had encountered symptoms of this behaviour but had not had time to spend too much time in SKP. Kudos to Chris for taking the time to submit.