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Make Enforcement Profiles visible by user access rights

In our organization, everyone will have access to view rules, but only a very few will be given access to ISA On Prem, dspCompose, dspMonitor and even less will be given access to Info Steward.  We'd like to use the Set Enforcement options, but since those provide links to the method/location of the rule enforcement, we can't use them since we will get tons of notifications from people that the links are not working when it is really that they just don't have access.  We'd like to make these Enforcement profiles only visible to certain users so that only people with access to the systems will see the enforcement profiles.

  • Kelly Safino
  • Dec 5 2019
  • Future consideration
  • Dec 6, 2019

    Admin response

    Kelly, we are planning on the roll out of the SSO update this weekend. Once this roll out has been completed a follow up will be to investigate the implementation of various roles within the SKP and we will include this idea in the discussion / planning around this area. Thanks for the idea registration.

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