Rule Lineage Across Entota Platforms

Ideally, we need less clunky/better ways to view rule lineage across Entota Cloud and all of the on-prem Entota modules/applications.  We should be able to connect across the entire suite of Cloud and on-prem tools to see all of the places where a particular validation rule exists and its source.  Rules require a more granular level of management.  The current tool set still requires a lot of manual efforts and without a truly holistic way of managing rules and how/where they are implemented.


I want to pick a field in Entota Cloud and be able to see what rules apply to it and then trace that to each DSP module down to the report or validation rule where the business rule has been implemented.  I want to be able to do the same thing from a Compose validation rule to see how it traces across the other DSP modules and Entota Cloud.  This kind of lineage is now useful for me to perform impact assessments and to make business decisions and to determine the value of master data at a field level.

  • Ying Hickey
  • Mar 21 2019
  • Likely to Implement
  • Mar 25, 2019

    Admin response

    There are a few thing about this. First there are things we plan on doing to make this better in the Cloud and on premise integration with tasking more Deep Guidance suggestions on opportunities, etc... However the lineage part exists today with the optional Add On Entota Lineage.

    The second paragraph added is available today via use of the Term --> Rule --> Enforcement Profile Link | making this better is planned. What about the flow today is missing so we can get that feedback and prioritize?

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  • Ying Hickey commented
    26 Mar, 2019 07:38pm

    It sounds like I need to get with IT to get Manta installed - probably not a high priority right now, but I will add it to our product support plan.  The field level seems to be missing right now.  The ability to map a term to a field and then define the acceptable values and what they mean and then have that all be part of the lineage.  It's at a high level and we need to get more granular for the information to be useful.  Right now, it seems that I'm not seeing everything, so we may need to table the "what is missing" discussion until then.

  • Matt Wagnon commented
    21 Mar, 2019 03:34pm

    the lineage part exists today with Entota Lineage... please also see the Admin comment above.

  • Chris Bermingham commented
    21 Mar, 2019 03:26pm

    This relates to the use cases "If I change this rule, I need to know the impact across every system I own" and "I need to know if I have any rules that are not enforced in system X"