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NLP on Strategy Goals and Initiatives to support Deep Guidance

Best practice on where to get started in governance, according to lead market analyst firms and strategic consulting experts, starts in with a sound Vision and Strategy.  Requiring the mapping out of goals and the breaking downs on initiatives that achieve that achieve those goals and support the vision.

For Deep Guidance to assist the top down Strategic approach, the following attributes need to have NLP behind it to make a link between strategy and the rest fo the features within the IGC (Terms, Policies, Rules, Systems, Data Sets, Processes; the later 3 of which also need NLP see other idea).  

Attributes on Goals in priority order:

  1. Success Metric
  2. Description
  3. (really 2a) Summary

Attributes on Initiatives in priority order:

  1. Summary
  2. Description


Having suggested terms guide the members of the governance program towards defining key terms and metrics is a great starting place for the guidance to then take over and suggest the creation of Policies, Rules, Systems, Data Sets and Processes.  Don tot he enforcement of rules and working with problematic data itself.

  • Matt Wagnon
  • Mar 24 2018
  • Future consideration
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