dsp wide facility to sync from spreadsheet


Hey all.


I'm frequently maintaining info in some kind of grid within DSP, and wanting to 'enlarge the grid, or click an 'edit in excel' button, that ceases to exist.

I find this feature in so many other software but not yet in DSP. Is it difficult to achieve? what stops this being developed?


Particularly in a construct page, I'd want to open the page in excel.

Perhaps a quick REST API builder to be used with construct pages would solve the problem?


While exploring this question, I found a very interesting posting from another BOA member (Brandon Bissonnette) and in the reply I found that Eric Weldon has created his own interim solution, that could be used by other consultants until/unless something better comes from within DSP.


His VBA/SQL development in Excel pulls from a construct page and reproduces it in Excel, in minutes! See video attached (shockwave flash, play in browser)


It has some crudeness and isn't aligned perfectly with dsp development approaches so should be used cautiously, but is a fantastic and useful effort. I will use it unless something else appears from dsp development.

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  • Feb 1 2017
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