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Migrate - Implement an easy API or Syntax for finding the descriptions of GUIDs


It is very difficult to find the proper description for various GUIDs in Migrate and Console.  Implementing a simple and reliable syntax as indicated in this document would be very valuable for reporting out of DSMA/DSP Migrate  - DSP and DSMA GUID Index and Reference


When a GUID points to more than one Parent GUIDs (such as Wave and Object), the api should return the description if available, or the combined description in addition to the parent GUIDs.


Business Justification - Project Leads and managers need to nimbly create reports to support required communications on projects.  With the current design, it is very difficult to find the right links to display required data.


An example of the type of report required and the complexity is as follows.




SELECT        Console.dbo.apiConsoleObjectSel.Name AS Object, Console.dbo.apiConsoleTargetSel.Target, DSW.dbo.webAllReportsSel.ReportName, DSW.dbo.webAllReportsSel.RecordCount,
                         DSW.dbo.webAllReportsSel.ActionOn, DSW.dbo.webAllReportsSel.Description, DSW.dbo.webAllReportsSel.ReportType, DSW.dbo.webAllReportsSel.IsError, DSW.dbo.webAllReportsSel.Implication,
FROM            DSW.dbo.ttWaveProcessAreaObjectTarget INNER JOIN
                         DSW.dbo.ttWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetReport ON
                         DSW.dbo.ttWaveProcessAreaObjectTarget.WaveProcessAreaObjectTargetID = DSW.dbo.ttWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetReport.WaveProcessAreaObjectTargetID INNER JOIN
                         Console.dbo.apiConsoleTargetSel ON DSW.dbo.ttWaveProcessAreaObjectTarget.WaveProcessAreaObjectTargetID = Console.dbo.apiConsoleTargetSel.WaveProcessAreaObjectTargetID INNER JOIN
                         DSW.dbo.webAllReportsSel ON DSW.dbo.ttWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetReport.WaveProcessAreaObjectTargetReportID = DSW.dbo.webAllReportsSel.ReportID INNER JOIN
                         Console.dbo.apiConsoleWaveProcessAreaObjectSel ON
                         DSW.dbo.ttWaveProcessAreaObjectTarget.WaveProcessAreaObjectID = Console.dbo.apiConsoleWaveProcessAreaObjectSel.WaveProcessAreaObjectID INNER JOIN
                         Console.dbo.apiConsoleObjectSel ON Console.dbo.apiConsoleWaveProcessAreaObjectSel.ObjectID = Console.dbo.apiConsoleObjectSel.ObjectID
WHERE        (Console.dbo.apiConsoleObjectSel.Name = N'Inventory')


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  • Feb 1 2017
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