Integrate - Post Monitor - Should have more details available


The post monitor page should have Date/Time informamtion available (So it's sorted with the most recent items first.


In general, I don't believe there should be a need for the GUID on any page.  If there is an issue with uniqueness, the primary key or other validations can assist.  If required, it surely shouldn't be the sort field for the page.


Record Count information would be good to have on the monitor page


The help should be enhanced to describe the various 'status' so that issues can be debugged.  My status says 'PostStarting' and has for the last 8 minutes.  I don't know any information on how to resolve.



This request relates to the ability to see record counts on a monitor page.  It indicates as implemented, but I still don't see these numbers in the application.

Integrate - When creating/posting, status should include number of records and transactions processed


It may have been misunderstood.  The requirement is to be able to see history or specific numbers within the application when using the application.  Sending messages with the numbers doesn't resolve the issue of needing to see what happenned last week on a particular post (or even the last post).

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  • Feb 1 2017
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