Simplify Data Source Password Maintenance

Our systems have a number of data sources (databases) that reside on the same database instance as the CranSoft system database. In regulated environments, there is a requirement to change system passwords periodically. This maintenance requires changing the data source passwords for a number of data sources that reside on the same instance and use the same userid. This maintenance can take hours when we are simply changing a single password. In prior versions, we did not have to re-enter the Cranberry/CranSoft/DSP userid/pwd for all data sources and the system would use the Cranberry/CranSoft credentials as a "default." It should be easier to maintain the password for a single userid. Please consider this enhancement and if accepted validate all external plugins that connect back to the system utilize the same logic. Also take in to account encryption and all fields that are encrypted with userid/pwd credentials.

  • Dallas Monday
  • Oct 3 2023
  • Needs review
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