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Improve function dsw.dbo.boaJDEDate

This function fails when we have bad data in the JDE Date field.

Could this be corrected to return NULL in all cases when a date is not valid?

Our solution to this issue is to change dsw.dbo.BOAJDEDate(Field) to dsw.dbo.BOAJDEDate(iif(field<100,Null,field)

(NOTE: This doesn't solve the 99999999 issue, but we haven't encountered the problem with a 'too large' number yet)


Select dsw.dbo.boajdedate(-1)
Select dsw.dbo.boajdedate(0)
Select dsw.dbo.boajdedate(5)
Select dsw.dbo.boajdedate(9999999)

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  • Sep 1 2021
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