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Electronic signature feature should record unsuccessful attempts in the System Log

The ability to maintain and review a record of unsuccessful authentication attempts is an important criteria for the security of validated computer systems. We already provide an auditible record of all authentication attempts for login. We don't have any record of the authentication performed as part of an E-signature.
Computer System Quality managers are viewing this as a gap in the product.

  • Chris Bermingham
  • Aug 19 2021
  • Likely to Implement
  • Mar 10, 2022

    Admin response

    This is a feature that we'll aim to the add to the Stewardship Tier over the next couple of releases (Q3 / Q4 2022). Our development team advise that this is not something that could be patched to retrospectively apply to previous SST versions, hence customers would need to upgrade to take advantage of this feature.

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  • Dallas Monday commented
    24 Mar, 2022 06:34pm

    We should also lock the user once they have exceeded the maximum login (e-sign) attempts.