Collect - Activate the setting "Delete Target Table On Build" by default

I wanted to add some new target fields in a dg target table in Collect.

A simple rebuild didn't add them. After investigation, we figured out the table has to be manually dropped in SSMS. After you can rebuild the table in Collect and the new fields will appear in the table design and filled via Collect.
See more details in ticket ID #19437.

This process is not user-friendly. Sometimes a user can't drop the tables in SSMS himself.

Putting the setting [Delete Target Table On Build] ticked on the {vertical} -> {Advanced Settings} tab of the "Collect Source record" will prevent this behaviour.

A default setting is currently not set (NULL = false ) for this field in the DSP Package, so it will be not activated by default.

The field "DeleteTargetTableOnBuild" in table DataGarage.dbo.dgTargetSource could be set to "1" in SSMS Design in the default DSP configuration.

This will solve many issues if a Collect table need to be rebuilt.

  • Bert Willekens
  • Oct 23 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Jun 15, 2022

    Admin response

    We will check this requirement as part of the move to Syniti Replicate that will replace Collect in the new SKP product

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