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Spelling mistake in Assemble(cranport) ; When Tables Doesn't exists


"Not a Idea ; Just a observation"

Currently I am using DSP Version and in Assemble observed a incorrect spelling if a table or view doesn't exists in source database.

Instead of retrieve its displays as retreive .

Below is the full error message

The service was unable to retreive the results of the query. ORA-00942: table or view does not exist ORA-00942: table or view does not exist at CranSoft.DataAccess.DataServiceCore`4.ExecuteReader(TDbCommand command, CommandBehavior behavior) at CranSoft.DataAccess.DataServiceCore`4.EvalAsync(TDbCommand command, DataServiceEvalOptions options) at CranSoft.DataAccess.DataServiceCore`4.Eval(DataServiceEvalOptions options) at CranSoft.DataAccess.DataServiceCore`4.GetDataReader(String sql, CommandBehavior behavior) at CranPort.Utilities.DBHelper.GetDataTypes(String sql, Guid dataSourceID, Int32 timeout) at CranPort.Import.DatabaseSource.BuildColumns() at CranPort.Mapping.Map.BuildColumns() at CranPort.Packages.Package.CreateLogEntries(ExecuteParams Parameters)

pls. ignore if its resolved in future version of dsp


Karthik SJ

  • Karthik SJ
  • Sep 8 2020
  • Likely to Implement
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