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Modify standard Mapping rulebooks that are output in transform

Update to Mapping Rule Books that come from transform:



  • Create one view by Source that get registered automatically.
    • It is normal for different teams/people to manage different sources of data and not have the total visibility of their source data. We are currently splitting the rulebook by Source to reduce ambiguity with the client when reviewing the mapping logic during validation
  • Change an underlying view in cMap that supports the Rulebook views. This supports the scenario where more than one table by source system will be needed as “add row” sources in Map.  Currently, if we separate the RuleBook view by Source it will still show the same lines multiple times when more than one table is used as an “add row” source. 
    • webWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetRuleBookSel
    • Modify the Column “Source” as follows:
      • ISNULL(dbo.ttTargetSource.zSourceOverride, dbo.ttTargetSource.Source) Alias AS Source
    • Also recommending a change in the fields and orders used for the RuleBooks
      • Name
      • Source
      • FieldOrder
      • SourceField
      • Action
      • RulesComment
      • RuleSQL
      • RuleWhereClause
      • DefaultValue
      • Target
      • Field
      • Description
      • CheckTable
      • KeyField
      • DataType
      • Length
      • Decimals
      • MappingStatus
      • RuleStatus
  • Thad Davis
  • Jan 30 2020
  • Future consideration
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