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Collect should disable Source Schema Owner for SAPAPPSERVER Sources

In Collect, the [SCHEMA OWNER] setting must be "dbo" in order for Data Services using RFC packages to build without error in an "SAPAPPSERVER" Source.  It doesn't make sense that a user is allowed to change it, since "dbo" is the default.  Simply disabling the column would be sufficient to prevent the build error.  Of course, it would also be prudent to add a validation error, since a crafty user could still update the [SCHEMA OWNER] under a different Source [CONNECTION TYPE] and then switch it back to "SAPAPPSERVER".

  • Ben Bauer
  • Oct 17 2019
  • Planned
  • Nov 4, 2019

    Admin response

    A simple change Ben that would prevent errors being raised, will add to backlog

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