Copy DBMoto Replication Status Meta Data into dgTargetSourceTable

Currently when a table is setup to be refreshed in DBMoto, we have to log into the DBMoto application to view the status. It would be great if the Errors could be copied from DBMoto into the RefreshMessage column in dgTargetSourceTable similar to how Data Services is working. Also if the Replication Status could be mapped to the boaStatus. That gives us one place, Collect, to check for our refresh status for all tables. 

  • Eric Weldon
  • Sep 25 2019
  • Likely to Implement
  • Oct 9, 2019

    Admin response

    We are planning on improving the DBMoto integration as this is now the Syniti Data Replication solution that will be included in the Cloud SKU and agree that error handling and messaging between the 2 products could be improved.

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