Interface setting to prevent duplicate entries in Queue

On the Interface settings, we need a check box that does one of two things:

1, Prevents the Interface from adding a duplicate entry if there is already the same command in the queue (i.e. existing entry is kept)


2, Deletes any existing entries that are in the queue (i.e. only latest entry is kept)

Either would work for us.


We are facing issues that at high demand times, the queue is building up, and when we look we see that the interface is trying to launch the same task multiple times.  I think the current logic basically checks to see if the process has run within the last ten min (as per our setting) and just keeps adding the same entries again and again because the tasks are in the queue, not processing.  This morning, we had 18,000 entries in the Background Event queue made up of just a handful of different tasks. This is trying to call transform tasks, each of which takes some time to run.   We have interface 103 in the list over 1000 times!

A simple check to either delete previous versions or not to add a new version if its already in the queue would save us a lot of problems and, would, is suspect be fairly easy to implement?

I have included 2 images - one a suggestion of where this setting could go, and a shot of our queue showing the issue, see interface 95 as an example


An alternative, would be a way to be able to "de-duplicate" a queue as well as the option to just empty it.

  • Phil Towe
  • Jun 13 2019
  • Future consideration
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