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Collect/"dbMoto Download Package" type - reconsider the refresh process

Currently in Collect, every time a table with a "dbMoto Download package" is refreshed, the dbMoto package is recreated. (In the code it states that it's in case the schema has changed.)

In order for the dbMoto package to be recreated, the dbMoto Replicator has to be stopped, package rebuilt and then the replicator is turned back on and the table will be refreshed.   The Group field in the JobQueue table is populated with DBMotoTableDownload so that ensures that only one dbMoto Table Download will refresh one at a time.

I am going to make an assumption here that the Group field is being populated to force the dbMoto Downloads to run singularly due to the fact that the replicator is turned off each time a dbMoto Download Table refresh occurs.

With these limiting qualities of dbMoto downloads, it's not necessarily an option we want to offer to clients in Support since only one table using the "dbMoto Download" package can refresh at one time.  

I am not sure why a schema change is is checked for a dbMoto download but not any other type of download but that seems to be the area of concern. - Zendesk issue that prompted this Idea.


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  • Mar 7 2019
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  • Oct 10, 2019

    Admin response

    We are looking to improve the DBMoto integration with Collect in the near future and will include this in our requirements investigation to be part of the future releases.

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