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#Audit - boaAuditSignatureComment field

I have enabled Auditing and Electronic Signature in a custom WebApp. This works as expected. However when a user attempts to enter large Comments (over 200 characters) on the Electronic Signature screen (see image1) they receive the following error message (see image2). I have also included the full error log (see ErrorLog1.txt). Now, this behavior is normal and I understand why this is happening.

The issue is that dsp saves the record but worryingly the audit data is not stored in the #Audit and #AuditColumn tables; including boaAuditSignatureToken and boaAuditSignatureComment. This defeats the purpose of having auditing/electronic signature enabled.  We are in the Pharma industry and this audit information needs to need be saved correctly in order to meet compliance and SoX/GxP.

Of course I can add something on the main page in my webapp (prior to the electronic signature pop up) warning the user about the length but this is not ideal.   

Ideally I would suggest a pop warning message or water text to say; “200 character maximum” on the Electronic Signature screen itself.  Failing this, can the #Audit table be altered to increase the field boaAuditSignatureComment to nvarchar(max)? 

  • Navdeep Rauli
  • Jun 1 2018
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  • Admin
    Jon Green commented
    24 Aug, 2018 10:11am

    Thanks for registering this.  As you point out this is important to our regulatory clients.  I will move this into backlog and review with the developers as to whether we add the additional message and validation to keep to the 200 char max or whether we increase the size of the audit column. 

  • Tim Empson commented
    5 Jun, 2018 09:18am

    This is quite important as the failure means the document signature process fails but returns as a success.