Need to be able change the temp folder for reports indipendantly of the system OS temp variables.

The ADM system appears to be writing temp xlsx files to the c:\windows\temp directory. Each file has a name that looks like a GUID with an xlsx extension, but its not a true GUID as there are too many with repeating parts of a name, so I assume the naming is constructed somehow.
The C disk is not sized to take this and the client have asked us to stop this from happening and use a different disk.  Support advise the location is taken from the OS temp variables and we could change that BUT we do not want to redirect all OS temp files, just the ADM xlsx report files.

There is  field in DSW.dbo.ttWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetSoruceReport  that holds the final location of the file, could we add a similar field to hold the temp location, or add a ADM setting for this?  the alternative would be that ADM deletes the files once they are no longer required.

  • Phil Towe
  • May 31 2018
  • Future consideration
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    Jon Green commented
    24 Aug, 2018 09:52am

    Phil I will add this to the framework tickets for future releases as the issue you are describing will impact all DSP users using standard reporting functionality.  Agreed that this should be configurable.