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Collect: "DSPCommon.dbo.apiPostActionRuleUpd" post action rules are confusing.

The requirement to manually add "DSPCommon.dbo.apiPostActionRuleUpd" as an action rule is confusing and poorly documented.


This process should be enhanced using one of or a combination of the following options:

1. Add a flag on the table registration to execute all dspCommon post action rules.

2. Add button to the target source table that allows you to auto add all rules for the table from dspCommon configuration.

3. Add a parameter controlling whether or not all rules configured in dspCommon will be automatically added.

4. When a rule type of 'Action' is selected, "DSPCommon.dbo.apiPostActionRuleUpd" could be defaulted as the rule and only fields already configured in dspCommon should be available in the drop down.

5. When a rule type of 'Action' is selected, you should not have to add a procedure name. You should be able to choose any field and choose from the list of function configured in dspCommon (Database Function Setup).


After brainstorming a bit, my preferred solution would include a combination of options 2, 3 and 5.

  • John Grippa
  • Dec 16 2016
  • Future consideration
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