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CTS - Needs an option ot Overwrite on matching name

When using CTS, a frequent problem is that an item is keyed on description in DSP.  E.g. Assemble packages are keyed on "Package Name."  and it prevents CTS import.


In a DEV > QA >PROD setup...

Lets say

  1. an Assemble package is created in DEV then cts transported to QA.
  2. The Assemble Package is deleted in DEV and new one created with the same name. 
  3. CTS is unable to transport the new package that needs to replace the old one.

It appears a UID is different, but the name conflict stops the import.  There should be an option to overwrite on name conflicts

  • Phil Towe
  • Jan 18 2018
  • Unlikely to Implement
  • Mar 26, 2018

    Admin response

    This scenario should be handled with Standard Operating Procedures to avoid the same name being used on deleted items.  CTS uses the GUID and key fields to drive the insert / update / delete process and as such this would be very difficult to implement, without impacting additional items contained in the CTS archive package.

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