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CTS -Create Package from object

From anywhere in DSP it should be possible to select an object (or multi-select objects) and then say “Build a CTS package for this item (and child items).”  This could be on the menu under the cog.  

Even better would be a drag and drop capability where you create an empty CTS job and drag objects into it.

  • Phil Towe
  • Jan 11 2018
  • Likely to Implement
  • Mar 26, 2018

    Admin response

    Thanks for registering the idea.  We have a feature already registered in the backlog of the DSP to support a control center concept rather than a modification to the framework or every page supported by CTS.  The control center would show all shippable items that CTS packages could be created from and have the ability to trigger the CTS creation process.  It would also show the latest creation / change dates on the object compared to the latest CTS package date time to allow for required changes to be highlighted within the control center to trigger the need to update.

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