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Report Excel file format enhancements regarding segmentation

It seems like there is a variety in the way DSP handles segmentation of reports in the way of Excel files. 

Some reports allow the segment value in the report name (tvA004_Preload_ReadyToLoad_KSCHL_Z001Sel.xls), while other areas drop the same report name into segment sub-folders (tvA004_Preload_ReadyToLoadSel in the KSCHL_Z001 folder).

Can this be managed in any way, via some options in the vertical view of a report registration? 

For example, Transform follows the sub-folder approach.  It makes it challenging to distribute reports in this way, often preventing the usage of Segmentation, because of how Segmentation builds out each segmented Report with the exact same file name.  Users often prefer seeing a different name for each excel, instead of working with subfolders.

  • John Slagle
  • Oct 13 2017
  • Future consideration
  • Mar 23, 2018

    Admin response

    We are looking to standardise on a single way for all report segmentation to be applied across the solutions and will take these comments into account when planning for which approach will be used.  Currently this is scheduled for post 7.0 release of the DSP.

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