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Feature Request: Improvements To Filter Functionality

Filter functionality probably working as designed but I think it should be better.


My specific example is:

if I use the simple filter box on a datagrid and want to see just the records with the value "CRPDTA" I also in my case get "CRPDTAIE" because it’s an exact match up to the last 2 characters. I would argue that I should only receive fully exact matches unless I use a like syntax which as far as I know we don't yet support.

The bigger picture here is we have a lot of opportunity to improve on the filter functionality within DSP. I proposed a bunch of features/fixes in this area back when we were first developing the AJAX framework, 7-8 years ago I would guess, and Richard implemented some in development they never made it to the release. If we can revisit this I would like to work on the design team to outline desired functionality.

Some of the other features were:

  • Right click on a value and exclude from the filter. (often when reviewing data we don’t know what we want but we will see things we wish to exclude)
  • Operators and like conditions in the right click filter box similar to what MS Assess had years ago, it may still (no reason they should not be implemented in full filter screen as well)

It’s been a long time I am sure there I have a few other recommendations at the time, but if this is something we could entertain in the future I will put some more though into it.

Right now it gets aggravating trying to get the filter to do what you actually want. At the least its inefficient to utilize an in my example above I don’t know how to make it do what I want.




  • Jeremiah Gilmore
  • Aug 10 2017
  • Likely to Implement
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  • Jeremiah Gilmore commented
    13 Oct, 2017 05:30pm

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