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Allow for multiple Oracle driver versions in Collect

It would be very helpful to allow support for more than one Oracle client version.  We are on a current project that requires Oracle 7, 10, and 11, and the drivers available only support 2 of the 3 versions.

  • John Slagle
  • Jul 27 2017
  • Unlikely to Implement
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  • Admin
    Jon Green commented
    27 Nov, 2017 01:07pm

    As Jake states, there is little we can do here as this is down to Oracle drivers and they do not support versions that are off of support.

  • Jake Cohen commented
    28 Aug, 2017 05:08pm

    I believe DSP will support any versions you can load onto the app server.  If there's an issue with compatibility of Oracle 7 drivers with versions 10 or 11 that's on Oracle, not BOA.  I don't think this is a BOA enhancement related item.