Web Services - Extracting from the Cloud


I keep getting shot down on this one :-).  But going for it again.   I feel like part of the reason we lost more work at Kroger is that we did not have this capability.  At the time I was told it would be last year.  This year I hear it MAY be next year.   Cummins also needs this capability and we were getting ready to lease outside software to accomplish the automated extractions we like for our migrations.  If it weren't for the fact that the BOA team is rolling off of Cummins I feel confident we would have leased BOOMI (Dell) software for the extractions.   I understand there are workarounds and Cummins can do their extractions through reports, put them on a shared drive and dsp will import them .  They do not like that solution.   We have come across two legacy distributors at Cummins that use the cloud to host their ERP services.  At Cummins Infosys is offering their web services to extract the data as well for us(for a fee of course),  I am not sure what solution Cummins will come up with after we leave.


To give you an idea of how this works (but I am pretty sure you know),  Cummins has absolutely no idea what the underlying data structures are like for their operations in the Cloud.  No knowledge whatsoever.  This has to be mapped with the help of the host who charge an hourly rate.  The host also charges an hourly rate to run any reports outside of the standard reports already developed.

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