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Collect Manual SQL


One of the drives about DSP I really like is the push to reuse work from one release cycle/wave to another.  We have already successfully used the copy mappings functions, and we do our best to write rules that can be Automated.  However for some objects we still run into a need for a lot of manual rules.  This normally happens when you have complicated joins.  What would be amazing is if we could use Map to document the technical rules so they could be copied to a new release and the the automation would create and register identical rules to those collected.  So for instance if you have 3 rules against Oracle to do account mappings for GL Balances. You assign the HKONT field as Manual Rule.  Now there is a button or process where you are shown a list of all the registered rules in Transform for that Source.  Select the rules to record and DSP looks for sub-views and stores the SQL contained by rule.  Then this can be pushed to the next release needing Oracle mappings.

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  • Feb 1 2017
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