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Allow Page Events to co-mingle Validation and Procedures


Allow Page Events to co-mingle the Validation and Procedures.  I should be able to run a Validation Message, then run a Procedure, then an External Page, then another Validation Message.  This way my validation can run before or after my business logic which may introduce changes or fixes to the data which would affect the Messages.    This is currently possible because we now allow Validation Procedures, so I can hi-jack that functionality to run Business Rules in the Validation section, but prefer not to Tick the system.  Can we combine these now into a single EVENT tasks page where you register them all together in the same list?

This would also eliminate the need for the RADToolkit Messaging function, which allows messages to fire after the Procedures have run (originally built for EZMap Automation by Tyler (thanks Tyler).

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  • Feb 1 2017
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