DashBoard Layout Frame Drill - Download and Filter Capabilities



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I've used Header/Detail Layouts extensively in my data construction pages but I've recently ventured into Dashboards and I know just enough to be dangerous. So watch out!


I've created a Dashboard to reflect the DataQuality/DataCleansing progress at my current client. It spans multiple Releases and with each release, multiple cleansing/quality Tasks/Reports. I've used the GalleryBottom Layout template.

The thinking is to use the top 3 frames for charts/matrices and the bottom for a detailed list of the outstanding/error records. I understand having a "detail" frame veers slightly away from the DashBoard concept but the client needs it because we are at a point where we're close to 90% in the early releases and the list is usually short.


-- reading the last page on the attached docx would help understand this discussin better --


I've accomplised the Drill down by using a Dynamic Page on the top-right frame and creating a Business Rule on the columns where I call a stored procedure which drops and creates rows used by the bottom frame (for the current boaUserID)...an excellent idea from Ben!

I have several open questions in a BOA Support ticket (#2695) which I will incorporate into this discussion later but...

## My enhancement request is for adding Download and Filter capabilities on Frames/Pages which use either a Tabular Chart or a Dynamic Page.

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