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Dashboard Frames - Allow Dynamic Pages


The Frames page in Layout Config does not allow Dynamic Pages. But this is the only way to represent "Drill Downs" within the Layout. Using anything other than a Dynamic Page takes you to a FULL PAGE view...I want the  Drill Down to appear in the bottom frame...that's more impressive.

Can we please include Dynamic Pages in the drop down on the Layout Frame Page. The List is not based on a uses a .dll


WebApp:     System Administration

Page:          Layout Frames     (Table: LayoutFrame)

View:          webLayoutFrame#Mode#Hor

Column:     DefaultPageID

Control:     List

ListSrce:     Plugin - Layouts & Dashboards - Layout Page Frames


I circumvent this initially by defining the page as a Chart Type, adding it to the Layout Frame then going back and changing the Page type. This is OK when using new pages but risky when using existing pages because I'm not sure if DSP would lose all the Dynamic attributes such as business events on individual columns.

Please see attachment for further details.

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  • Jan 31 2017
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