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Collect: Extract multiple versions of the same table using Rename and Where Clause

Some tables are enormous and require a lot of time to extract. If I am only interested in the data for a single plant and another user needs data for a different plant, both users should be able to create packages to extract just their data set. We currently have the ability to use a where clause to limit the data and a table rename to distinctly identify the table, but we can only register a single version of each table.


We need to be able to register MCHA multiple times in a target source, as long as table rename is being used. The following shows 3 registrations that should be valid for a single target source in collect.

1. MCHA, Table Rename = <blank>, Where Clause = <blank>

2. MCHA, Table Rename = MCHA_1000, Where Clause = "WERKS = '1000'"

3. MCHA, Table Rename = MCHA_2000, Where Clause = "WERKS = '2000'"


  • John Grippa
  • Dec 16 2016
  • Future consideration
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