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Improved the Installer to allow Re-Installation


During the installation of DSP 6.1 you are prompted in a GUI to define the installation path, and then given the option to install.


If there is a problem during the installation, you cannot use this same GUI to re-install DSP over the existing installation.


Can we enable a RE-INSTALL button on the GUI so we can avoid the process described below from a recent support ticket.    I don't believe any user should ever navigate to a command prompt window and type "install-BOASolutions'.    We should just have Re-Install button, or the same install button should know if this is a new install or a re-install.





"The only time you might need to uninstall is if the initial (GUI) portion of the setup failed or if you're upgrading and you did not point the setup to the EXACT same directory as the original install.  During the upgrade, if you were prompted to enter the Parent Web Site then you are installing to a different directory.  You would need to uninstall in that case only.


Otherwise you should not need to re-run Setup.exe. As Chris mentioned on your earlier issue today, the Setup.exe just installs the Package Manager (powershell extensions) and all the repository files needed for DSP installation. Then at the very end it kicks off a DSP window and starts the actual DSP install by issuing a "Install-BOASolutions".


You should not run the setup again. You can open the Package Manager console (not just the regular Powershell) and run "Install-BOASolutions" to rerun DSP setup"


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  • Feb 1 2017
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