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Simplify fix for "Collect WorkFlow Failure" email error


This request is being opened on behalf of Meralee Goeller (


There is a somewhat common case where the "Collect WorkFlow Failure" service page begins to error out due to an "Improperly formatted email address" of a user in either the "WorkFlowFailureAll" or the "WorkFlowFailureByTargetAccess" security groups.


To a user of DSP, it makes sense to fix this problem by going to the Admin -> Security -> Users page and updating the NULL or invalid email address.  However, after making such a change, the "Collect WorkFlow Failure" service page will go on failing until the offending records are removed from the DataGarage.dbo.dgSendWorkFlowFailure table.  This necessitates a direct DELETE query on the table in SQL, filtering on the NULL or invalid email addresses.


Options for a simpler fix:

  1. Automatically update the dgSendWorkFlowFailure.EmailTo column based on current values in the CranSoft.dbo.User table.  (A similar update could be made to the EmailFrom column.)
  2. Automatically cleanse offending records from the DataGarage.dbo.dgSendWorkFlowFailure.  OR add a button to Collect parameters that would cleanse the offending records.
  3. Add the EmailTo and EmailFrom columns to the horizontal of the Workflow Download Failures page in Collect, so users can find and delete the offending records there.


Thank you for considering this request.

  • Ben Bauer
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Likely to Implement
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