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Profiler should have options to utilize System Type Groups for examining tables


Profiler should use System Type Groups in order to consolidate and organize tables so that these can be examined together.


E-mail from Bob Olmsted

We need a way to filter tables by application or function in Profile.


I think the right solution is many to many because some SAP tables are shared by different applications or functions.


I need to look at all the PM tables right now and there is no way to filter for them, even if I know the list.


It should come delivered with Groups and I should be able to add my own.


Then I would find the PM group and click on Tables and see the profile headers for all tables assigned the PM group.


Probably this should just use Area and Object.  We need an Area page that goes to Objects and ALSO bypasses Objects and goes to Tables.





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  • Feb 1 2017
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