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Service Page Enhancements


This may need to be separated into separate requests.



  • service pages shouldn't run if page is already pending  (If a service page was launched at 1:45 PM and is scheduled to run again at 2:00 PM, it should not be requeued if not already completed.)
  • service pages shouldn't run if nothing is configured as a posibility to run  (Logic should be applied to validations and service pages to keep pages from running when nothing is configured to run against - Integrate POST, for instance)
    • Another one is Service - DataServices Status - Should not launch if no 'Data Services ID' is populated on any target.
  • service UOM and qty should be available on horizontal view  (User should be able to see when and how often all pages will be run)
  • service schedule should have comments populated with the rationale as to why the schedule is set to it's default schedule.  (Managers of system performance should be able to review each job and understand the implication for changing the schedule.   They should also have information about the default schedule when looking at a changed item).  Please see further discussion on this in this document: Collect Workflow Failure Service Page Enhancements
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  • Feb 1 2017
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