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Ability to package up content to move from one tenant to another

Right now there is no easy way to move content from one tenant to another much like we had with transport packages in ADM. Could that feature be brought back in?

  • Megan Petry
  • Dec 11 2023
  • Jan 17, 2024

    Admin response

    There is the capability, all be it more of a multi step approach that allows custom web apps to be moved between tenants. The document detailing this is (and how to transfer apps from the SST to Construct is available on the syniti support portal.

    Improvements in this area will certainly be considered as we move forward with the rewrite of the Cloud Construct app into using the standard REACT framework used for the rest of the SKP components (Catalog, Replicate, etc)

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  • Megan Petry commented
    17 Jan 01:59pm

    The reference to content involved more than moving Construct pages which I understand exists but Overall content meaning SQL and registrations within Migrate