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Migrate Deployment to also control data in Construct


We have Deployment to be configured in Migrate - Project Setup, in order to control who needs to view what data.

Can we have a feature to use same security (developed in Migrate) to control data in Construct?

The reason to ask is: We have 86 Stores (each one of them is deployment). And Client wants the users to see the data that belongs to their Store.

We have configured security in Migrate via deployment. Now coming to construct we have to define the security once again for the same deployment.

Maybe better to have one security across Migrate components.

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  • May 29 2023
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    John Munkberg commented
    6 Jul, 2023 03:32am

    There is a MIG_DEPLOYMENTS view that can be downloaded into the SRCCONSTRUCT database from the MIGRATE APP system. This allows you to get the list of Deployments out of cloud migrate and put them where you need them - in this case Construct. Not a direct download to construct - but you can get it there using a View or a second manual replication, and achieve this today in some fashion. But long term we are unifying all the Security into a single implementation at the Platform level. Phase 1 is related to just normal Users/Roles/Features. Then focus on Asset level security (Datasets, Releases, etc), and phase 3 will be this more dynamic Data Level security controls - of which ZDEPLOY would on value. So we can define ZDEPLOY at the Platform level and share that across the product line (think Construct, Governance Reports, and DQ Scores by Plant (for example). So we are working towards this goal already.